• ECC Certified Teacher

    The Teddy Bear Villlage
    Job Description
    Teacher EEC Certified
    The Teddy Bear Village seeks candidates with a strong commitment, enthusiasm to work with young children and love for learning.  We are seeking full time EEC certified teachers.
    Required Education and Skills:
    Certified as per EEC regulations
    High school diploma/GED
    Strong organizational skills and team player skills
    Demonstrated flexibility, adaptability and openness to new ideas and approaches
    Excellent communication skills with ability to speak, read and write English
    Ability to physically lift a minimum of 35 pounds, participate in physical activities including walks with children, maintain full sight and sound supervision of children at all times to ensure their safety, work both indoors and outdoors
    Develop and maintain a constructive and ongoing rapport with children and parents
    Create activities that are fun and educational for the children
    Collaborate with other teachers to ensure that the school fosters an environment that is inviting and nurturing for every child
    Deliver reports on potential concerns about students to management as needed
    Manage day-to-day classroom activities, including structured lessons, free play, bathroom breaks, lunchtime and rest time for children
    Salary will be based on a candidate’s education, experience and sk
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