• Do you enjoy connecting people, businesses, and organizations to each other and opportunities that could benefit them?

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    Are you considering a career transition?

    Do you have a knack for understanding and communicating with business owners?

    Do you enjoy connecting people, businesses, and organizations to each other and opportunities that could benefit them?

    Are you looking for an opportunity to start your own business helping other business owners grow?


    Paul Daigle and his wife, Kelli Connelly, established Engaging Neighbors, LLC, using a publishing house based in Milwaukee to create and deliver each Natick Neighbors and Newton Neighbors monthly. The publishing house, Best Version Media, started these type of publications in 2007 when people were running away from print like a burning building and they steadily grew through the Great Recession. Now, prudent businesses see the value of what they offer as a way to support their brand inside an environment focused on "What is Right in the World". Having brought this model of hyper-local content to Boston Metrowest, the couple have experienced similar growth and endorsement over the past two years as what has occurred in Milwaukee.


    Paul and Kelli know from the phone calls, emails, and personal meetings that their publications are definitely providing value to the community. In fact, independent studies have shown monthly open rates of more than 89%. When asked why their publication is loved so much, Kelli says that a secret ingredient is the front cover. She elaborates, "These publications are a form of social media that is personal and trustworthy, creates a lasting impression, reaches upscale consumers regularly, and focuses on what's right with the world!"


    The Milwaukee area now has 30 such publications supported by many different publishers. Paul says, "We want to nurture a friendly, community atmosphere with many other publishers in surrounding Boston Metrowest communities." The couple envision a day when neighbors know neighbors not just because their kids go to the same school and local businesses are seen and trusted for the quality of their work, the reputation of their relationships, and their involvement with their community. 


    Paul shares, "We are looking for professionals who are community builders and are interested in creating a profitable business that supports their communities." Numerous publishers concentrated in an area experience a lot of reward from crossing selling into each other's publications. For example, it is natural that a business that loves the results of Natick Neighbors would also like to participate in a similar publication in Wellesley or Weston. Send Paul an email at pauldaigle.bvm@gmail.com if interested in learning about how to become a publisher for your community.


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