• Message from the President

    Hello MetroWest Chamber Community Members!

    It is truly an honor serving as the President and CEO of the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce. In fact, I had been a member of this great organization for more than 5 years prior to becoming its president in September, 2015, both as a locally-educated, small business owner as well as in my capacity as an elected official in the Town of Natick.

    With almost 600 member organizations employing more than 35,000 people in the region, the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce is uniquely qualified to connect its members and the communities we serve with a diverse range of prospective customers, partners, suppliers, and referrals. Our membership is as diverse as the region itself including global businesses with headquarters or significant operations in MetroWest, (e.g., Bose, MathWorks, Sanofi, Staples, and TXJ Companies), to major regional employers (e.g. MetroWest Medical Center and Natick Soldier Systems Center) to growing, multi-local restaurants and services businesses. By far, our single greatest share of members are the hundreds of entrepreneurs and locally-run small businesses that define the landscapes of our suburban town centers and downtowns as well as the commercial corridors along our "Main Streets," State Routes (e.g., 9, 16, 20, 27, 30, 85, 126, and 135 to name just a few!), and Interstates 90 and 495.

    We are proud to partner with many of the region's leading local chambers, commercial and cultural districts, and member associations to extend and amplify the marketing reach of these community-focused organizations and local networks. Each of us contributes to the mosaic of sole proprietors, students, enterprise executives, individual contributors, politicians, volunteers, managers, entrepreneurs, and community leaders that live, work, and serve the communities of our great suburban region. MetroWest itself is a community of commerce, and I am humbled and excited to continue the work of leading this 123 year old institution by serving its members and the communities they serve. 

    To our current members, thank you for choosing to join the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce, and to our future, "not yet" members, please consider joining us as we collaborate, compete, contribute, and construct a vibrant region where businesses, customers, employees, students, and entrepreneurs can thrive.

    The work continues, and I look forward to hearing from each of you as we continue to shape the MetroWest region in the years ahead!