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About the Chamber

Founded in 1895 as the Framingham Board of Trade, the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce has evolved into the preeminent regional chamber of commerce serving the western suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, known locally as the “Greater MetroWest” region. Our service area is primarily located between I-495 and I-95/MA-Route 128.

The MetroWest Chamber was a charter member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  While we remain a member of the U.S. Chamber, providing our members access to their portfolio of affiliate benefits and programs, the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce represents the local interests of its Massachusetts-based employers. We do this through our Public Policy and Economic Development Committee and through affiliations with local and regional partners, notably the 495/MetroWest Partnership (a public-private partnership focused on regional economic development) and other commercial- and community-based groups.

We are uniquely positioned to serve the business and community interests of entrepreneurs and employers of all sizes and we are proud to bring meaning to the “power of connection” in the following ways:

Networking and Community Engagement

The MetroWest Chamber of Commerce supports its members by providing networking opportunities, business referrals, professional and business development programs, and legislative advocacy at all levels.

Independent Voice of Business

The MetroWest Chamber of Commerce does not receive direct funding from government sources at any level. Although we are honored to count many of our region’s municipalities and their Economic Development Committees among our dues-paying members and partnering organizations, the Chamber, through its member-elected Board of Directors, committees, and staff can operate without obligation to, nor reliance upon, any government funding.

Business Visibility and Resources for Growth

Members of The MetroWest Chamber of Commerce enjoy ample opportunities to drive visibility and grow their businesses through marketing programs and events, targeted advertising, access to small business counseling, economic and community development assistance, member-to-member discounts and “hot deals,” and access to affordable benefits for small businesses.

Members of the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce are invested in an organization dedicated to amplifying and accelerating their business success and supporting the organizations that serve area employees where they work, live, and engage. We are a truly a community of commerce backed by the power of connection!